Artist in your Backyard

Get Your teen to climb the art ladder

Picasso, Degas and Monet, toss these figures to your 10 year old and you can almost watch their puzzled expressions which says "What are they?".It does not have to fall flat this way. Creativity is an pure expression of humanity and culture, and if you can put across that excitement to your budding artists, you just might have an art convert.


Getting them Involved

Visit to an art museum might be a start to tickle get your little ones creative genes .Old and dusty,if that is what you recall of a museum, than you haven't been to one lately!Most of it are far more interactive and buzzing than they used to be.


Art field trips are another way to get them excited ,especially because its an outdoor fun time.You can take your preteens to see a variety of venues such as monuments, sculptures, historic home tours and Historic Society events, as well as architectural tours of significant buildings and landmarks in your area. Plan a weekend family outings to cities and explore new museums and art events. Libraries are full of books on creative personalities. Buy a book or bring home a new one on each library trip and explore the works of a new art figure together.


It might be that parents often feel inadequate in regard to their knowledge of art which might limit them from exploring art with their children. The thought that together you can observe and learn might just help.

Art Classes

Remember learning new skills requires training, and that certainly applies in developing one's artistic abilities.How wonderful it could be if schools could focus on the needs of art and creativity,but alas the current curriculam is more limited to mainstream skills only.If your child is interested trying his hands on arts, you can often find some good ones by contacting your local art league or art supply store for referrals in your area.Always providee a variety of materials for your children to explore with at home, while simultaneously enrolling them in more structured class settings.
Avinash,the pioneer of In the Name of Meera art studio believes that children can be discouraged from liking art when their exploration is limited in some way. Preteens are turned off of art when they think they are not good at it. It is important for them to believe that they can learn how to create art and explore different mediums for expression.A child can have difficulty with clay but develop a passion for oils and brushes. Parents should let their child experiment with unconditional support to find a good niche for them.
The BenefitsYou might be surprised to find that your child has fallen in love with art, and their world revolves around it.Siddharth,parent to a 10 year old cannot agree more to this, his son Rohan sleeps and dreams art. His passion began at a young age, and it's one that Siddharth has always encouraged because of the benefits. "Art is important because it helps a child learn to think abstractly and develop hand-eye coordination," he says. "It also teaches a child to learn to brainstorm, because you tell them to draw something and then allow them to decide what – it helps them learn to make decisions in a safe environment."
Who knows? Encouraging your child's interest in art you may be introducing them to a passion that will inspire them for the rest of their lives.They might not become the next young Matisse or Renoir, art can give them a deeper understanding of human nature that will last the rest of their lives.And if all goes well you might end up with a Picasso in your own backyard.

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