Teach Your Child To be Creative At Home With Art

For parents who wish to encourage their children be creative at home, We'd like to offer some facts and understandings.


The general theory include creating a work corner for the art activities, responding to the child's handy work and saving pieces of their work. How the physical space is arranged depends on your living arrangements. In an apartment, you might set up a corner of a room. In a private house, a section of the basement or an attic or an enclosed square permits a greater expansiveness.


In all the cases,there would be particular arrangements of tables to work on,shelves to store materials and a certain pattern to use the place and clean it up later.


Folks should be aware that art and creativity is not about achieving craft-like finisse; that the emphasis should be on the process rather than the product. When kids are provided with art materials, they find ways of putting them to use. They will usually put themin a way that is unique and makes sense to them. Let the children come up with their own free flow of thoughts.In case you find them puzzled just poke their senses by questioning about a trip they loved or a color of dress they like to wear all the time.




How you react to their activities is the key !

Praising a child is something we always look forward to but the genuine respose is the key to help their artistic growth. Parents who dig deep in their child's activity and taking things seriously go much further in supporting their children's development than those offering surface comments like, "Oh, that's beautiful," or "Oh that's great." Such remarks might just end up working opposite for children were not thhining of making something pretty or building something great but just trying to smoothen the edges of a of the pieces in their collage.

Rather than declaring, "Oh, that's the best thing I have ever seen," be a little more genuine and describe one thing you observe. For example, you could say, "I see you used three different pattern for the collage" Or, "I see that all red papers have different shapes."Try and hit a positive note in your comments without being critical or comparing to someone else's work.


Cherish your Child's Creativity

Nothing works better than appreciating a child's effort.This the also the best way to inculcate self worth and confidence in children.There are two ways this can be done either by appreciation on their face or preserving their work and putting it out for other to see.

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