Art Therapy

Art therapy isn't a new term. We all might have heard about it. However, it hasn't caught up and isn't considered a very effective therapy method, yet.

Currently art therapy is a person painting under the guidance of an artist and relaxing in the process.


We aren't proposing something similar. Our idea is novice and completely different.


We are planning to utilize the basic idea behind art, "visual entertainment". Can an artist, painting in front of a stressed individual, relax and rejuvenate him, not just mentally but clinically, via his painting? Can a process of just seeing a painting taking shape over a period of 3 to 4 hours be relaxing and be helping someone's blood pressure and pulse rate?


Well, the truth is that we don't know and so we are calling out  for volunteers to help us gather the data which would be later published and produced in front of our scientific community.  



Things to note for volunteers

  • Should have high/ low blood pressure
  • Might have erratic pulse rate
  • Might have a stressed life style
  • We will be noting only BP and Pulse rate before and after the session.
  • Session- An artist would start and finish a painting in a session. A session would last somewhere between 3 to 4 hours. The volunteers will just sit and watch the painting getting completed.
  • Data of BP and Pulse rate of each volunteer would be documented and presented in the paper published.
  • No other personal data apart from name and age would be required.
  • Date and time would be according to the convenience of the volunteer.
  • Please note, volunteers only have to see the painting getting painted. Nothing else! Just sit and relax in a chair and enjoy the artist painting in front of you.



We are planning to start in January 2020. Initially, the artist participating in the sessions would be Mr. Avinash, founder ITNOM. He has a B-tech degree in Biotechnology from Manipal Institute of Technology. He would be the author of the paper published.


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