Generic Policy


 1. In a year, there will be 50 classes conducted. Two classes in a year will be mandatory off for our organization.


2. There will be 1 class of duration 2 hours per week. For watercolor group and above, the duration and frequency might increase.


3. The 2 classes that would be mandatory cancelled in a year will not affect the fees for the month. The off days will be informed well in advance to each of our students and most probably will fall during festive seasons. However, if there is any other cancellation of class, either the class will be compensated or the fees will be reduced accordingly.


4. Uninformed absenteeism (UA)  is treated as disrespect to the teacher.


5. If a student misses a class, he/she must compensate the class. However, in case of UA, compensation of class will not be allowed.


6. During holidays, holiday homework would be assigned and students would be expected to commit more time to Fine Art.


7. For better communication, whatsapp groups are created where the registered number would be added. Those who don’t use whatsapp are requested to inform the teacher and they will be individually notified.




Payment Policy


1. Fees has to be paid in advance, i.e, fees for a particular month has to be paid in the starting of the month.


2. Fees is expected before the 1st class of the month. Sharing of transaction id with the finance team is mandatory. 


3. Student would be allowed in the class only after the payment for the ongoing month is done


4. If the student is absent for any class/classes, it will not affect the fees for that particular month. FEES WILL REMAIN THE SAME. However, the teacher must be informed regarding the absence via message or call. Also, the student must compensate the class.